Zip Lining Extraordinary

Not your everyday Zipline - how about 3/4 of a mile, through the trees, over gorges, crossing waterfalls and accelerating down the mountain side. This is Costa Rican adventure at its best. (For the more timid, it’s called a Canopy Tour :) ).


Canopy Adventure, Herredia - Spectacular views you will always remember!! This canopy tour is about 10 minutes from the Hotel with a mixture of ecology and adventure tourism.

Canopy San Lorenzo - Located 80 kilometers (50 miles) away from the hotel on the road from San Ramon to La Fortuna just before the Bajo de los Rodriguez. The sliding cable is divided in two parts - a Forest Section, which starts with small cables to acquire confidence while admiring the forest’s canopy and the Adventure Dection, with much longer cables suspended from high platforms requiring large doses of adrenaline. Total length of all the cables is 2500 meters or over 8,000 feet long! There are 19 platforms and the San Lorenzo Canopy includes a 750 meter (or 2460 feet) cable, one of the longest in the country.

Turu Ba Ri Nature and Adventure Park - The perfect eco-destination in Costa Rica with nature guided tours or horseback to the canopy tour "The Superman Zipline" or "Tarzan Swing" for the more daring.

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