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The Passion Suite

The Copacabana Desire Hotel's Passion Suite takes the essence of traditional Honeymoon Suite to the next passionate level for couples of all kinds. This is an explicit recognition of the virility of today's sensuality.

Designed for an Exclusive Sensuous Experience

This Exclusive Passion Suite includes upscale modalities such as in-room 2 couple sized whirlpool to share and enjoy, double shower area, voyeuristic picture window overlooking the nude pool area, and of course, a 3 person king sized bed. Supplies of essential oils, sound, along with preferred access to resort services including spa, room service, and concierge are included with the Passion Suite. This Passion Suite is designed not just as a place to stay, but as a memorable experience of sensual atmospheric tantalization for pampered couples. This accommodation experience is exclusive to the all-inclusive program, available with advance booking

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